The original house, a traditional But and Ben and former shop, had character but the internal spaces were a series of boxy rooms.

The client has a passion for collecting Scottish and Shetland artwork; therefore, we took the decision to treat the ground floor as a series of gallery spaces, with the stair as an object in the middle of one of these galleries. This would allow the flow of space and light within the house and allow the client to display his artwork and character to guests.

There are two living rooms, at either end of the house, each with its own distinct character. The southern living room is within the old house and retains the existing traditional fenestration. This is the cosy winter living room. The living room in the former shop is the summer room, with full height glazing taking advantage of the spectacular views over the voe and giving access to an external deck area.

At the main entrance we created a minimalist porch, which acts as a wind lobby (an essential requirement in Shetland), making the dining area usable in winter. The design retains the character of the existing buildings without clashing with the roof forms.